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Montcalm County MI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 128 Lakes in Montcalm County

Montcalm County Lakes

1 Baldwin LakeMontcalm CountyMI72 acres
2 Barnard LakeMontcalm CountyMI46 acres
3 Bass LakeMontcalm CountyMI40 acres
4 Bass LakeMontcalm CountyMI85 acres
5 Bass LakeMontcalm CountyMI39 acres
6 Big Brimmer LakeMontcalm CountyMI17 acres
7 Black LakeMontcalm CountyMI16 acres
8 Bradley LakeMontcalm CountyMI20 acres
9 Burgess LakeMontcalm CountyMI60 acres
10 Cedar LakeMontcalm CountyMI19 acres
11 Churchill LakeMontcalm CountyMI24 acres
12 Clear LakeMontcalm CountyMI15 acres
13 Clifford LakeMontcalm CountyMI200 acres
14 Coady LakeMontcalm CountyMI51 acres
15 Colby LakeMontcalm CountyMI43 acres
16 Como LakeMontcalm CountyMI8 acres
17 County Farm PondMontcalm CountyMI19 acres
18 Cowden LakeMontcalm CountyMI128 acres
19 Cranberry LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
20 Crane LakeMontcalm CountyMI18 acres
21 Crooked LakeMontcalm CountyMI40 acres
22 Crystal LakeMontcalm CountyMI724 acres
23 Deaner LakeMontcalm CountyMI22 acres
24 Derby LakeMontcalm CountyMI118 acres
25 Dickerson LakeMontcalm CountyMI255 acres
26 Duck LakeMontcalm CountyMI306 acres
27 Dutchman Lake (South)Montcalm CountyMI18 acres
28 Farnsworth LakeMontcalm CountyMI23 acres
29 Fifth LakeMontcalm CountyMI66 acres
30 First LakeMontcalm CountyMI30 acres
31 Fish LakeMontcalm CountyMI63 acres
32Lake Forest Montcalm CountyMI8 acres
33 Fourth LakeMontcalm CountyMI31 acres
34 Gould LakeMontcalm CountyMI15 acres
35 Grass LakeMontcalm CountyMI28 acres
36 Grass LakeMontcalm CountyMI32 acres
37 Gray LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
38 Greenville LakeMontcalm CountyMI149 acres
39 Half Moon LakeMontcalm CountyMI48 acres
40 Hammell LakeMontcalm CountyMI14 acres
41 Harlow LakeMontcalm CountyMI17 acres
42 Hemmingway LakeMontcalm CountyMI35 acres
43 Hisington LakeMontcalm CountyMI16 acres
44 Holland LakeMontcalm CountyMI78 acres
45 Horseshoe LakeMontcalm CountyMI63 acres
46 Horseshoe LakeMontcalm CountyMI97 acres
47 Horseshoe LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
48 Hunter LakeMontcalm CountyMI46 acres
49 Indian LakeMontcalm CountyMI0 acres
50 Kendalville LakeMontcalm CountyMI46 acres
51 Kirby LakeMontcalm CountyMI22 acres
52 Lampman LakeMontcalm CountyMI13 acres
53 Little LakeMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
54 Little Bass LakeMontcalm CountyMI16 acres
55 Little Mud LakeMontcalm CountyMI11 acres
56 Little Penny LakeMontcalm CountyMI22 acres
57 Little Whitefish LakeMontcalm CountyMI181 acres
58 Loon LakeMontcalm CountyMI38 acres
59 Loon LakeMontcalm CountyMI62 acres
60 Lossin LakeMontcalm CountyMI41 acres
61 Lost LakeMontcalm CountyMI24 acres
62 Mahaney LakeMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
63 Manoka LakeMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
64 Marl LakeMontcalm CountyMI17 acres
65 Middle LakeMontcalm CountyMI37 acres
66 Mill PondMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
67 Mitchell LakeMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
68Lake Montcalm Montcalm CountyMI67 acres
69 Moore LakeMontcalm CountyMI15 acres
70 Mud LakeMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
71 Mud LakeMontcalm CountyMI37 acres
72 Mud LakeMontcalm CountyMI5 acres
73 Mud LakeMontcalm CountyMI127 acres
74 Mud LakeMontcalm CountyMI24 acres
75 Mud LakeMontcalm CountyMI38 acres
76 Muskellunge LakeMontcalm CountyMI134 acres
77 Nelson LakeMontcalm CountyMI20 acres
78 Nevins LakeMontcalm CountyMI53 acres
79 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
80 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
81 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI8 acres
82 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
83 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI11 acres
84 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI16 acres
85 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI24 acres
86 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI14 acres
87 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI50 acres
88 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI10 acres
89 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI11 acres
90 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI11 acres
91 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI11 acres
92 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI14 acres
93 No Name LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
94 Norton LakeMontcalm CountyMI21 acres
95 Paulson LakeMontcalm CountyMI9 acres
96 Pearl LakeMontcalm CountyMI29 acres
97 Penny LakeMontcalm CountyMI31 acres
98 Perch LakeMontcalm CountyMI51 acres
99 Pickerel LakeMontcalm CountyMI20 acres
100 Picnic LakeMontcalm CountyMI13 acres
101 Rainbow LakeMontcalm CountyMI166 acres
102 Robbins LakeMontcalm CountyMI30 acres
103 Rock LakeMontcalm CountyMI50 acres
104 Rocky LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
105 Rosa LakeMontcalm CountyMI31 acres
106 Sanderson LakeMontcalm CountyMI51 acres
107 School Section LakeMontcalm CountyMI9 acres
108 Sealey LakeMontcalm CountyMI18 acres
109 Second and Third LakeMontcalm CountyMI54 acres
110 Sixth LakeMontcalm CountyMI34 acres
111 Snow LakeMontcalm CountyMI23 acres
112 Spring LakeMontcalm CountyMI52 acres
113 Spruce LakeMontcalm CountyMI35 acres
114 Stone Lake (East)Montcalm CountyMI21 acres
115 Stone Lake (West)Montcalm CountyMI16 acres
116 Tacoma LakeMontcalm CountyMI22 acres
117 Tamarack LakeMontcalm CountyMI310 acres
118 Thorland LakeMontcalm CountyMI27 acres
119 Townline LakeMontcalm CountyMI280 acres
120 Turk LakeMontcalm CountyMI154 acres
121 Twin LakeMontcalm CountyMI12 acres
122 Twin LakeMontcalm CountyMI8 acres
123 Twin LakesMontcalm CountyMI7 acres
124 Waltman LakeMontcalm CountyMI0 acres
125 West LakeMontcalm CountyMI44 acres
126 Whitefish Lake (Big)Montcalm CountyMI500 acres
127 Winfield LakeMontcalm CountyMI121 acres
128 Wood LakeMontcalm CountyMI64 acres

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