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Ogemaw County MI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 89 Lakes in Ogemaw County

Ogemaw County Lakes

1 Ambrose LakeOgemaw CountyMI43 acres
2 Arrowhead LakeOgemaw CountyMI83 acres
3 Au Sable LakeOgemaw CountyMI271 acres
4Lake Augustina Ogemaw CountyMI38 acres
5 Bass LakeOgemaw CountyMI12 acres
6 Bear LakeOgemaw CountyMI15 acres
7 Bear LakeOgemaw CountyMI11 acres
8 Big Norway LakeOgemaw CountyMI38 acres
9 Big Williams LakeOgemaw CountyMI19 acres
10 Birch LakeOgemaw CountyMI7 acres
11 Boss LakeOgemaw CountyMI32 acres
12 Boughner LakeOgemaw CountyMI32 acres
13 Bush LakeOgemaw CountyMI28 acres
14 Cabin LakeOgemaw CountyMI64 acres
15 Chatman LakeOgemaw CountyMI57 acres
16 Clear LakeOgemaw CountyMI22 acres
17 Clear LakeOgemaw CountyMI171 acres
18 Cranberry LakeOgemaw CountyMI171 acres
19 Devoe LakeOgemaw CountyMI124 acres
20 Dollar LakeOgemaw CountyMI19 acres
21 East Stylus LakeOgemaw CountyMI19 acres
22 Edwards LakeOgemaw CountyMI70 acres
23 Elbow LakeOgemaw CountyMI61 acres
24 Elni LakeOgemaw CountyMI22 acres
25 Engle PondOgemaw CountyMI15 acres
26 Everett Land Co. PondOgemaw CountyMI15 acres
27 Feeding Ground Lake (Big)Ogemaw CountyMI39 acres
28 Feeding Ground Lake (Little)Ogemaw CountyMI8 acres
29 Fish LakeOgemaw CountyMI9 acres
30 Flowage LakeOgemaw CountyMI50 acres
31 Frost LakeOgemaw CountyMI37 acres
32 Gear LakeOgemaw CountyMI5 acres
33 George LakeOgemaw CountyMI186 acres
34Lake George Ogemaw CountyMI89 acres
35Lake George Ogemaw CountyMI10 acres
36 Grass LakeOgemaw CountyMI18 acres
37 Grass LakeOgemaw CountyMI10 acres
38 Grebe LakeOgemaw CountyMI73 acres
39 Grousehaven LakeOgemaw CountyMI95 acres
40 Hardwood LakeOgemaw CountyMI172 acres
41 Henderson LakeOgemaw CountyMI171 acres
42 Hewey LakeOgemaw CountyMI46 acres
43 Horseshoe LakeOgemaw CountyMI37 acres
44 Houghton LakeOgemaw CountyMI30 acres
45 Indian LakeOgemaw CountyMI36 acres
46 Island LakeOgemaw CountyMI58 acres
47 Jenkins LakeOgemaw CountyMI25 acres
48 Jewett LakeOgemaw CountyMI12 acres
49 Johnson LakeOgemaw CountyMI85 acres
50 Laird LakeOgemaw CountyMI81 acres
51 Little Au Sable LakeOgemaw CountyMI49 acres
52 Little Frost LakeOgemaw CountyMI10 acres
53 Little Stylus LakeOgemaw CountyMI7 acres
54 Lodge LakeOgemaw CountyMI13 acres
55 Long LakeOgemaw CountyMI9 acres
56 Mills LakeOgemaw CountyMI28 acres
57 Mud LakeOgemaw CountyMI13 acres
58 Mud LakeOgemaw CountyMI12 acres
59 No Mans LakeOgemaw CountyMI24 acres
60 No Name LakeOgemaw CountyMI11 acres
61 No Name LakeOgemaw CountyMI15 acres
62 No Name LakeOgemaw CountyMI41 acres
63 No Name LakeOgemaw CountyMI13 acres
64 No Name LakeOgemaw CountyMI15 acres
65 North Dease LakeOgemaw CountyMI174 acres
66 Norway LakeOgemaw CountyMI45 acres
67 Ogemaw LakeOgemaw CountyMI13 acres
68Lake Ogemaw Ogemaw CountyMI399 acres
69 Peach LakeOgemaw CountyMI208 acres
70 Peterson LakeOgemaw CountyMI6 acres
71 Piper LakeOgemaw CountyMI32 acres
72 Prior LakeOgemaw CountyMI10 acres
73 Redhead LakeOgemaw CountyMI14 acres
74 Rifle LakeOgemaw CountyMI11 acres
75 Rifle LakeOgemaw CountyMI182 acres
76 Sage LakeOgemaw CountyMI785 acres
77 Silver LakeOgemaw CountyMI26 acres
78 Skidway LakeOgemaw CountyMI18 acres
79 South Dease LakeOgemaw CountyMI269 acres
80 Stylus LakeOgemaw CountyMI179 acres
81 Tee LakeOgemaw CountyMI80 acres
82 Thunder LakeOgemaw CountyMI9 acres
83 Townline LakeOgemaw CountyMI12 acres
84 Townline LakeOgemaw CountyMI12 acres
85 Twin Lake (East)Ogemaw CountyMI54 acres
86 Twin Lake (West)Ogemaw CountyMI57 acres
87 Valley LakeOgemaw CountyMI13 acres
88 Welles LakeOgemaw CountyMI12 acres
89 Withey LakeOgemaw CountyMI26 acres

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