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Waupaca County WI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 126 Lakes in Waupaca County

Waupaca County Lakes

1 Bailey LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
2 Bass LakeWaupaca CountyWI19 acres
3 Bass LakeWaupaca CountyWI3 acres
4 Bear LakeWaupaca CountyWI194 acres
5 Beasley LakeWaupaca CountyWI12 acres
6 Big LakeWaupaca CountyWI12 acres
7 Blue Mountain LakeWaupaca CountyWI7 acres
8 Brekke LakeWaupaca CountyWI43 acres
9 Campbell LakeWaupaca CountyWI38 acres
10 Cary PondWaupaca CountyWI26 acres
11 Casey LakeWaupaca CountyWI20 acres
12 Cedar LakeWaupaca CountyWI45 acres
13 Chapin LakeWaupaca CountyWI9 acres
14 Cincoe LakeWaupaca CountyWI169 acres
15 Columbia LakeWaupaca CountyWI81 acres
16 Crystal LakeWaupaca CountyWI33 acres
17 Dake LakeWaupaca CountyWI32 acres
18 East Sandbar LakeWaupaca CountyWI15 acres
19 Flynn LakeWaupaca CountyWI16 acres
20 Foster LakeWaupaca CountyWI7 acres
21 George LakeWaupaca CountyWI5 acres
22 Goodhal LakeWaupaca CountyWI32 acres
23 Gooseneck LakeWaupaca CountyWI19 acres
24 Graham LakeWaupaca CountyWI51 acres
25 Grass LakeWaupaca CountyWI37 acres
26 Gregerson LakeWaupaca CountyWI35 acres
27 Grenlie LakeWaupaca CountyWI5 acres
28 Gurholt LakeWaupaca CountyWI31 acres
29 Hartman LakeWaupaca CountyWI18 acres
30 Hatch LakeWaupaca CountyWI106 acres
31 Iola LakeWaupaca CountyWI206 acres
32 Jackson LakeWaupaca CountyWI11 acres
33 Jenny BayouWaupaca CountyWI27 acres
34 Jenson LakeWaupaca CountyWI15 acres
35 Johnson LakeWaupaca CountyWI12 acres
36 Jones LakeWaupaca CountyWI7 acres
37 Junction LakeWaupaca CountyWI16 acres
38 Kating LakeWaupaca CountyWI18 acres
39 Keller LakeWaupaca CountyWI21 acres
40 Kinney LakeWaupaca CountyWI57 acres
41 Knight LakeWaupaca CountyWI9 acres
42 Knutson LakeWaupaca CountyWI12 acres
43 Limekiln LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
44 Little LakeWaupaca CountyWI25 acres
45 Little Hope MillpondWaupaca CountyWI12 acres
46 Long LakeWaupaca CountyWI42 acres
47 Long LakeWaupaca CountyWI104 acres
48 Long LakeWaupaca CountyWI13 acres
49 Lutz LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
50 Manawa MillpondWaupaca CountyWI192 acres
51 Manomin LakeWaupaca CountyWI6 acres
52 Marion MillpondWaupaca CountyWI108 acres
53 Marl LakeWaupaca CountyWI13 acres
54 Marl LakeWaupaca CountyWI11 acres
55 McAllister LakeWaupaca CountyWI12 acres
56 McCrossen LakeWaupaca CountyWI30 acres
57 McLean LakeWaupaca CountyWI12 acres
58 Meed LakeWaupaca CountyWI10 acres
59 Miller BayouWaupaca CountyWI16 acres
60 Miner LakeWaupaca CountyWI35 acres
61 Mirror LakeWaupaca CountyWI13 acres
62 Mountain LakeWaupaca CountyWI43 acres
63 Mud LakeWaupaca CountyWI3 acres
64 Mud LakeWaupaca CountyWI30 acres
65 Myklebust LakeWaupaca CountyWI20 acres
66 Mynyard LakeWaupaca CountyWI9 acres
67 Nessling LakeWaupaca CountyWI9 acres
68 North LakeWaupaca CountyWI69 acres
69 North Twin LakeWaupaca CountyWI27 acres
70 Ogdensburg PondWaupaca CountyWI62 acres
71 Old Taylor LakeWaupaca CountyWI55 acres
72 Orlando LakeWaupaca CountyWI9 acres
73 Otter LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
74 Ottman LakeWaupaca CountyWI13 acres
75 Partridge LakeWaupaca CountyWI1,124 acres
76 Partridge Crop LakeWaupaca CountyWI243 acres
77 Pigeon LakeWaupaca CountyWI163 acres
78 Pope LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
79 Price LakeWaupaca CountyWI15 acres
80 Rainbow LakeWaupaca CountyWI116 acres
81 Rich LakeWaupaca CountyWI17 acres
82 Roland LakeWaupaca CountyWI13 acres
83 Rollofson LakeWaupaca CountyWI39 acres
84 Round LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
85 Round LakeWaupaca CountyWI25 acres
86 Round LakeWaupaca CountyWI80 acres
87 Sand LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
88 Scandinavia MillpondWaupaca CountyWI16 acres
89 School Section LakeWaupaca CountyWI39 acres
90 Shadow LakeWaupaca CountyWI43 acres
91 Shambeau LakeWaupaca CountyWI17 acres
92 Siemer LakeWaupaca CountyWI34 acres
93 Silver LakeWaupaca CountyWI68 acres
94 Silver LakeWaupaca CountyWI32 acres
95 Skunk LakeWaupaca CountyWI11 acres
96 South Twin LakeWaupaca CountyWI11 acres
97 Spencer LakeWaupaca CountyWI69 acres
98 Storm LakeWaupaca CountyWI16 acres
99 Stratton LakeWaupaca CountyWI87 acres
100 Sunset LakeWaupaca CountyWI89 acres
101 Taylor LakeWaupaca CountyWI35 acres
102 Unnamed DitchWaupaca CountyWI0 acres
103 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI7 acres
104 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI10 acres
105 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI6 acres
106 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI3 acres
107 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI10 acres
108 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI2 acres
109 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI4 acres
110 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI10 acres
111 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI6 acres
112 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI6 acres
113 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI35 acres
114 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI14 acres
115 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI5 acres
116 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI7 acres
117 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI7 acres
118 Unnamed LakeWaupaca CountyWI2 acres
119 Unnamed SpringWaupaca CountyWI6 acres
120 Vesey LakeWaupaca CountyWI54 acres
121 Waupaca MillpondWaupaca CountyWI22 acres
122 West Sandbar LakeWaupaca CountyWI16 acres
123 Weyauwega LakeWaupaca CountyWI251 acres
124 White LakeWaupaca CountyWI1,026 acres
125 Wolf RiverWaupaca CountyWI0 acres
126 Woodnorth LakeWaupaca CountyWI5 acres

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