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Northern MN Resorts Directory

1Adrian's ResortBaudette MN218-634-1985
2Antler LodgeBigfork MN888-ANTLER
3Arcadia LodgeBigfork MN888-832-3852
4Arrowhead Lodge & ResortKabetogama MN218-875-2141
5Arrowhead Lodge ResortKabetogama MN1-866-847-7118
6Ash Lake Hideaway & CampgroundOrr MN218-757-3422
7Ash Trail LodgeOrr MN218-757-3422
8Ash-ka-nam ResortOrr MN218-374-3181
9Aspen Resort And CampgroundOrr MN218-757-0098
10Aspen SpringsTalmoon MN218-832-3064
11Aunt Nancy's Bar And ResortGrand Rapids MN218-327-9606
12Back O The Moon ResortGrand Rapids MN218-26-8648
13Back O' The MoonGrand Rapids MN800-344-4038
14Back Yonder ResortDeer River MN218-566-2699
15Backwoods Resort & Rv ParkDeer River MN218-246-2542
16Ball Club Lake LodgeDeer River MN800-626-7642
17Ballards ResortBaudette MN800-776-2675
18Bayview LodgeBaudette MN218-634-2194
19Be-mah-quat Resort & CampgroundDeer River MN888-246-8520
20Big Timber ResortMarcell MN888-832-3735
21Birch Bay ResortGrand Rapids MN877-8WABANA
22Birch Cove Resort & CampgroundGrand Rapids MN218-326-8754
23Birch Grove ResortRay MN218-283-9552
24Birch Haven ResortBovey MN218-245-3537
25Birch View ResortBaudette MN800-362-7894
26BirchemInternational Falls MN218-875-2471
27Birchwood ResortRay MN218-875-2503
28Black Bay Wilderness Resort & CampsCook MN800-316-8244
29Blackduck Lodge & ResortBlackduck MN218-835-4399
30Bluewater Bay LodgeGrand Rapids MN218-327-2480
31Border View LodgeBaudette MN800-776-3474
32Bowen LodgeDeer River MN800-331-8925
33Bowstring Shores ResortDeer River MN218-832-3101
34Breezy PortageDeer River MN888-247-0977
35Bright Star ResortSquaw Lake MN218-659-4337
36Buckhorn On CaribouMarcell MN800-450-6628
37Bunt's KabinnsLake Kabetogama MN218-875-3008
38Burchell's Moosehorn ResortKabetogama MN800-777-7968
39Cabin O'pines Resort & CampgroundOrr MN218-757-3122
40Camp IdlewoodInternational Falls MN888-741-1228
41Camp Jack The Horse ResortMarcell MN218-832-3421
42Campbell's LodgeDeer River MN218-659-2862
43Cedar Point Resort & CampgroundMarcell MN800-450-6613
44CedarwildDeer River MN218-246-8680
45Chapel Hill ResortSpring Lake MN877-898-2829
46Chippewa ResortSquaw Lake MN888-334-8954
47Clementson ResortBaudette MN800-433-6085
48Country Bunk-insBaudette MN218-634-2869
49Cut Foot Sioux InnDeer River MN218-246-8706
50Cyrus ResortBaudette MN218-634-2548
51Deer Horn ResortLake Kabetogama MN888-600-3337
52Deer Lodge ResortOrr MN218-757-3134
53Dixon Lake ResortSquaw Lake MN800-362-7298
54Dora Lake LodgeNorthome MN218-659-4214
55Driftwood Lodge ResortKabetogama MN888-816-1529
56Driftwood ResortMax MN877-826-5934
57Dunrovin ResortBlackduck MN218-835-7759
58Eagle Nest LodgeDeer River MN800-356-3775
59Eagle Wing ResortLake Kabetogama MN218-875-3111
60Ebel's Voyageur HouseboatsOrr MN218-374-3571
61Edgewater 4-season Resort & Rv ParkSpring Lake MN800-613-8097
62Elbow Lake LodgeCook MN800-441-1620
63Farm ResortBlackduck MN218-835-6566
64Fox Lake ResortMarcell MN877-711-7911
65Frontier ResortOrr MN800-950-2986
66Geiger's Trails EndDeer River MN800-617-4589
67Georgene's HavenDeer River MN218-832-3076
68Ghost Bay Village Resort & Campground LlcSpring Lake MN800-853-5205
69Gold Mine ResortOrr MN218-741-0174
70Grandview ResortCook MN218-666-5599
71Grandview Tall Timber ResortLake Kabetogama MN800-844-6502
72Grey Wolf LodgeOrr MN800-840-9653
73Gus' Place ResortDeer River MN218-246-8520
74Harmony Beach Resort & LodgeLake Kabetogama MN218-875-2811
75Head-o-lake ResortCook MN800-321-9340
76Herseth's Tomahawk ResortKabetogama MN888-834-7899
77Hidden Haven ResortCohasset MN866-246-8989
78Hide Out ResortBlackduck MN888-223-6236
79High Banks ResortDeer River MN218-246-2560
80Hillcrest ResortBigfork MN888-257-2477
81Idlewild ResortRay MN218-875-3831
82Island Lake ResortNorthome MN218-897-5245
83Island View LodgeInternational Falls MN800-777-7856
84Island View ResortOrr MN800-777-7235
85Island View ResortSpring Lake MN800-229-7398
86Jessie View Resort & Rv CampgroundDeer River MN877-537-7438
87Joe's LodgeInternational Falls MN218-335-6773
88Kec's KoveLake Kabetogama MN218-875-2841
89Ken-mar-ke ResortBaudette MN218-634-2072
90Kenadian Acres ResortBigfork MN800-542-1470
91Kitchie Landing ResortBlackduck MN218-835-6595
92Klaysmat's Wildwood EscapeOrr MN218-993-2379
93Kokomo ResortMarcell MN888-848-7407
94Kokomo Resort On North Star LakeMarcell MN888-848-7407
95Lakeroad LodgeBaudette MN218-634-2336
96LakeviewRanier MN800-888-5737
97Lakeview ResortLake Kabetogama MN877-422-2471
98Lakewood LodgeDeer River MN800-495-8437
99Lakewood Lodge On Sand LakeDeer River MN1-800-495-8437
100Life Of Riley ResortCook MN800-777-4479
101Little Bass Lake ResortGrand Rapids MN218-328-5037
102Little Itasca ResortDeer River MN218-246-8686
103Little Winnie Resort/campgroundDeer River MN800-246-8501
104Loon's Echo Wilderness RetreatBuyck MN877-337-3326
105Lost Acres ResortBlackduck MN800-835-6414
106Ludlow's Island ResortCook MN887-583-5697
107Lyon SleepersBaudette MN218-634-1863
108Maple Ridge ResortBigfork MN877-261-3837
109Miller's ResortDeer River MN218-246-8951
110Moose Lake ResortBlackduck MN218-835-6542
111Moose Lake ResortDeer River MN800-424-8500
112MoosebirdsCook MN218-666-2627
113Moosehorn ResortKabetogama MN800-777-7968
114Morris Point - Lake View LodgeBaudette MN888-303-5085
115Mr Roberts ResortPengilly MN218-885-1093
116Murphy Landing ResortGrand Rapids MN218-326-4346
117Muskego Point ResortCook MN218-666-5696
118Myrtle Lake ResortOrr MN218-757-3700
119North Star Lake ResortMarcell MN800-356-6784
120Northern Acres Resort & CampgroundDeer River MN218-798-2845
121Northern Lights Resort Outfitting & Youth QuestRay MN800-318-7023
122Northernaire Houseboats Of Rainy LakeInternational Falls MN800-854-7958
123Northland Lodge Resort & CampgroundDeer River MN800-272-2338
124Northshore Bay ResortNorthome MN888-219-5235
125Norway Point Resort And Conference CenterOrr MN800-314-3432
126October Ridge ResortNorthome MN888-654-2541
127Outpost RetreatMarcell MN309-944-6033
128Park Point ResortRay MN800-272-4533
129Pehrson LodgeCook MN800-543-9937
130Pehrson Lodge ResortCook MN800-543-9937
131Pincherry Grove ResortCohasset MN218-328-5909
132Pine Acres ResortDeer River MN218-326-2082
133Pine Acres Resort & CampgroundOrr MN800-777-7231
134Pine Aire ResortRay MN877-875-2161
135Pine Grove LodgeMax MN888-798-2865
136Pine Tree Cove ResortInternational Falls MN218-875-2070
137Pineridge On Deer LakeGrand Rapids MN218-326-1792
138Pines Resort & CampgroundDeer River MN218-246-8546
139Pokorny's Resort & CampgroundKabetogama MN218-638-2528
140Polley's ResortCook MN218-666-5636
141Quadna Mountain ResortHill City MN800-422-6649
142Rainy Lake HouseboatsInternational Falls MN800-554-9188
143Rainy Lake LodgeInternational Falls MN800-892-5604
144Rainy River RetreatBaudette MN218-345-6620
145Randall's ResortBaudette MN800-718-9911
146Red Pine LodgeRay MN952-885-9125
147Retreat Lodge & ResortCook MN800-682-6296
148Richie's Marcell InnMarcell MN218-832-3906
149River Bend ResortBaudette MN218-634-3084
150River View ResortBaudette MN800-343-6909
151Rocky Point ResortKabetogama MN218-875-2411
152Rocky Shores ResortDeer River MN218-832-3556
153Royal Dutchman Resort/motelBaudette MN800-372-8603
154Ruttgers Sugar Lake LodgeCohasset MN218-327-1462
155Sand Lake LodgeDeer River MN218-659-2867
156Sandy Point LodgeKabetogama MN800-777-8595
157Scenic Hi-way ResortBlackduck MN218-835-6494
158Schuster's ResortBaudette MN800-243-2412
159Seagren's Pokegama LodgeGrand Rapids MN888-326-9040
160Ship's Wheel ResortBaudette MN218-634-2835
161Sleepy Hollow ResortNorthome MN800-897-5234
162Snug Harbor Resort & CampgroundDeer River MN800-419-5289
163Snyder's Idlewild ResortKabetogama MN888-483-4608
164Southw Ood ResortGrand Rapids MN888-815-6645
165Spider Lake ResortMarcell MN218-326-8286
166Spider Shores ResortMarcell MN218-326-2031
167Sportsmans LodgeBaudette MN800-862-8602
168Sportsmans Oak Island LodgeBaudette MN800-862-8602
169Spring Bay ResortCook MN1-800-847-5253
170Starck's Tamarack Lodge IncDeer River MN866-494-7325
171Stennes' & Buhn's Moose Lake ResortBlackduck MN218-835-6542
172Sugar Bay Campground And ResortCohasset MN218-326-8493
173Sunset Point ResortCohasset MN218-328-5334
174Sunset Resort & CampgroundOrr MN800-232-3161
175Sunset ViewDeer River MN800-286-9430
176Sure Game Wilderness ResortWirt MN218-659-2740
177Sweet SleepersBaudette MN218-634-1582
178Tamarack Lodge IncDeer River MN866-494-7325
179Tepee-tonka ResortBlackduck MN800-346-5674
180The Boat House InnCook MN218-666-6090
181The Boathouse Inn On Lake VermilionCook MN218-666-6090
182The LakeviewRanier MN800-888-5737
183Three Cedars ResortTalmoon MN888-832-3016
184Thunderbird LodgeInternational Falls MN800-351-5133
185Timber Wolf Point Resort/get-a-wayBuyck MN218-993-2310
186Timbuktu Marina & Cabin RentalsCook MN218-666-2434
187Tomahawk LodgeBlackduck MN800-452-8023
188Tomahawk Lodge Resort & Rv ParkBlackduck MN800-452-8023
189Tomahawk ResortRay MN888-834-7899
190Trails End ResortBuyck MN888-844-2257
191Twin River ResortBaudette MN218-634-2394
192Vermilion Beach ResortCook MN800-833-0036
193Vermilion Dam LodgeCook MN800-325-5780
194Vermilion River Cottages & OutfittersCook MN800-628-1438
195Voyageur Cove ResortCook MN800-721-8044
196Voyageur Park LodgeKabetogama MN800-331-5694
197Voyageurs AdventuresLake Kabetogama MN218-875-2037
198Wa-ga-tha-ka ResortGrand Rapids MN763-420-4644
199Wabayo ResortGrand Rapids MN218-326-8713
200Walleye RetreatBaudette MN800-726-9042
201Watson's Harmony Beach Resort & LodgeLake Kabetogama MN218-875-2811
202Wheelers Point ResortBaudette MN800-542-2435
203Whispering Winds ResortCook MN800-964-6306
204White Eagle ResortCook MN218-666-5500
205Wigwam ResortBaudette MN800-448-9260
206Wilderness LodgeBigfork MN218-743-3458
207Wildview Lodge ResortBovey MN218-326-8406
208Wildwood ResortCohasset MN888-328-5858
209Williams Narrows ResortDeer River MN218-246-8703
210Wind Song IslandInternational Falls MN218-286-5600
211Woodsport House & CottagesRanier MN800-824-3969
212Woody's Rainy Lake ResortRanier MN218-286-5001
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